The Importance of Raw Food in Your Diet


Have you ever asked yourself the question when you are at the grocery store buying fruits and vegetables, how old is this food? It looks fresh, the colours are bright, you’ve filled your cart and are feeling proud that you are buying a bunch of healthy produce. But, how old is it? It matters you know, and if you really start thinking about it you will be surprised at what you find out.

Most of that beautiful produce has travelled anywhere from 1,500-2,000 miles, sometimes more. It probably had been sitting in a truck for about five days after being picked from the farm. By the way, if it’s not organic you already know it’s filled with pesticides and chemicals but let’s pretend you’ve spent the extra on organic and you are feeling really good about that. Most food is picked before it has fully ripened because it needs to have time to travel in a truck, and also sit in the grocery store before rotting. Even though food can still ripen after picking like tomatoes, it doesn’t get the opportunity to attain its highest nutrient levels as it would if it had been left on the vine.


After food has been picked, it still continues to breathe. This process is called respiration and it breaks down stored organic materials like fat, protein, and carbohydrates which leads to loss of food flavour, nutrients, and value. The University of California did a study on loss of nutrients from food after being picked. They found that vegetables can lose 15-55% of Vitamin-C within a week. Some spinach can lose 90% within the first 24-hours of harvest. That’s just one nutrient! Think of all the others. Most produce loses 60% of all nutrients after five days of harvest. So, think about that un-ripened food you just bought and how long it took to get to your grocery store and how long it sat on the shelf. Now you bring it home and how long does it sit in your fridge until you are ready to use it? Now you are going to cook it…

When you cook food, even lightly steaming vegetables, you are destroying the enzymes within the food that both help digest food and utilize nutrients within the body. When more than 51% of food is cooked your body begins a process called digestive glucose cytosis. Your body begins to see the food as a toxin and begins to generate white blood activity as a defense mechanism. It literally sees this food as a threat and is trying to destroy it to protect the body from harm. Our immune system is already stressed and overloaded defending against pathogens, toxins, and free radicals. Now, it’s defending against the very food we are eating thinking we are helping our bodies. It's no wonder we are so tired all the time and seem to be in a state of chronic fatigue. We mask this by drinking energy drinks and caffeine but our poor bodies are just completely worn out from malnutrition and being on the constant defense but we continue to just mask the problem.

We need to make a conscience effort to ensure we are eating at least 51% raw veggies daily. It’s also so important we grow our own fruits and veggies that aren’t being sprayed with chemicals and can ripen at their peak of nutrient growth. Even if you are only able to have a small container of tomatoes and such growing on your deck, it will help you tremendously in your health. It’s not hard. We spend so much money on cars, clothing, entertainment, houses, TV’s and then we go out and buy crap for our bodies. We need to start investing in our health and taking care of ourselves. Things are just things they mean nothing; but, health is everything and we need to take care of our bodies, give them the best because one day you may not have it and you would do anything to have it back.

Cami TannerComment