The Pet That Parents Will Never Say No To - Pet Jelly Fish

I don’t know about any of you, but my kids love the ocean and all the creatures that live in it. When they were smaller we would visit aquariums, and pet store fish for that matter, and they would stare at the fish and ocean creatures absolutely fascinated by all of it! Sharks, of course, are always the favorite but next in line where the jellyfish. They are so beautiful to watch floating through the water and I could never figure out how they managed to never get tangled up on themselves all crammed in there like that. But there they were all the same captivating us all as we kept our noses pressed up against the tank wall watching them float around. My son has requested that I buy him a pet shark to keep in our house. But I’m giving him the next best thing by making him a fake jellyfish he can keep on his desk in his room. Not quite as thrilling, I know, but still very cool for what it is!


  • Clear plastic bottle with the labels removed
  • Clear plastic produce bag
  • String or thread
  • Scissors
  • Blue food coloring


When you are taking labels off the plastic bottle and feel like you are having trouble getting rid of the residue, use a little “goo gone” and it will clean the bottle up beautifully!


Fill the bottle with water and add a few drops of food coloring until you feel like you have the perfect shade of blue.


Begin by spreading out the plastic bag onto a work surface. If you have the kind of bag with handles on it cut them off with scissors. Then cut the bottom of the bag off.


Then cut down each side so you end up with 2 pieces of plastic bag. You are only going to be using one of them.


Pinch the middle of the bag and pull it up to gather the ends together.


Then take a piece of thread and tie, using a knot, off the top about an inch down to create the head of the jelly fish. You don’t want to tie it all the way tight around the bag. You need to leave a small opening so you can fill it with water later on.


Now, to make the body of the jellyfish and using the scissors, start cutting fringe out of the plastic bag. This will create the tentacles.


You will not need all of the plastic bag after you have cut the fringe out because it will look to heavy when you get it in the water and start to move it around. So, pull off and remove the strands until you feel like you have a proportionate body. Fill the body with a little bit of water from a tap to create the body. 

It may take a couple times submerging it into the bottle and moving it around until you feel like you have the right look. If you feel like you need to take out more strands, pull the jellyfish out, pull off some strands, then return him back to his home.

Other than that, you have a cute new little friend floating around inside his bottle to stare at and play with and imagine with.

I love mine he’s so cute! I think I’m going to name him Mr. Jiggleton, lol!

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