Spooky Spell Books

There’s nothing like having a good spell book handy when you need a little help casting a spell or can’t remember that incantation Grandma used to always use. Wait, you say you don’t have one?? Well, let’s get you hooked up! This spell book project will give your Halloween décor the perfect touch and your guests shrieking with fright. That last part may be a little over the top but these books are pretty dang cool and are way better than you could ever hope to find in a store. The DIY factor gives you the element of it looking really old and authentic with 100% character.



  • Old hard covered books
  • Hot glue gun
  • Marker
  • Cheese cloth
  • Sponge stickers
  • Modge Podge
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush



Start by drawing out your design on the book with a marker. This will allow you trace out your picture with the glue gun and make it a whole lot easier on yourself from making mistakes.


Then trace the design out in hot glue. Try and keep the bead of glue as even as possible. I did my web first and then my letters, but since I wanted my letters to stand out a little more and make it look like it was in the foreground, I traced over it twice. This made them stand up higher than the web.


Next, add the sponge stickers and elements to the book cover. By the way, if anybody needs some you can come to my house as I now have a tonne of them!  Ever notice how when you dump them out of their container then put them back after sifting through to find the ones you want, you seem to end up having more than before? It’s the weirdest thing!


Cut out a piece of cheese cloth that’s a little larger than the front of the book and unfold it from itself. Get it damp and squeeze out any excess water, then lay on two layers of cloth. If there are too many layers it will be too heavy to Modge Podge over top.


Add a generous amount of Modge Podge to the book cover; with a paint brush, brush it over the top taking care to press the cheese cloth into the surface catching out the design from the glue and stickers. Let it dry – this can take awhile, probably best to leave it overnight.


When it’s all dry, paint the entire surface with black paint. I added a paper towel sheet into the book cover so I wouldn’t end up painting the book pages. Don’t forget to paint the edges and back of the book. You will start to see the design pop out and become visible. Let the paint sit and dry.


Now to add the gold paint, which will highlight and accent the design. Dip a sponge brush into a bit of the paint and dab out any excess. I usually squirt the paint onto a paper plate and dab the brush onto the plate. But you want it to almost have barely any paint left on it. Quickly brush over top the book back and forth until the gold paint just catches the design. When it starts to get too dry, repeat the process until you have on as much as you need. Let this dry and the spell book is done.


I like how, if you put a lot of Modge Podge on the book and really saturate it, it will curl the cover up a bit making it look used and worn. The cheese cloth should give it a very rough and spooky exterior.

Use your spooky spell books for décor in your kitchen, which always seems to miss out on holiday décor while the living room gets all the attention. You can also simply place them on an end table by the sofa. Either way, these “charming” books will add ambiance to any room. Happy Halloween! 

Cami TannerComment