Building A Garden - Part I

I’m finally ready to take some time to work on my yard. I’ve spent so much time re-doing things inside my home that the yard has sadly been neglected and, for me, kind of bland. What I have always wanted was a beautiful garden that is both functional and beautiful. I’m completely inspired by an English garden and how it can feel like a little escape from the world when you are in it. Plus, it’s mostly my neighbours who are going to be looking at it since I live on a corner lot with no backyard and I want them to enjoy whatever they are looking at in my yard. I don’t want a simple Joe Shmoe garden.


  • Miter saw/chop saw/circular saw
  • Shovel
  • Supplies:
  • 2 ½” deck screws
  • 2 x 10 x 10 treated lumber
  • Wooden or metal stakes
  • Garden soil


I placed my garden on the south facing side of my yard mostly because it is the least utilized area but also because it gets almost full sun all day long. I ripped out all the sod in that section because of the nature of the garden I’m building. I want this garden to be the least amount of work as possible with minimal weeding and care. Gardening is a challenge for many because of the upkeep it can often require; but, if you do it right it doesn’t have to be that way. By taking out the grass I won’t get it growing up through the garden beds and around the boxes that I would have to be constantly trimming. I’m so smart!

Then you need to figure out the design you want to have. I took the time to draw it out on paper first, trying to configure a design and how to place everything in the yard so it looked just right. What ever you decide will determine how much lumber you will need to buy.

I used a 2 x 10 board because it gave the garden box enough depth to both hold a lot of soil and for root vegetables to grow deep enough in good dirt.

The size of your box will determine how long you cut your boards.

Screw your boxes together using your deck screws into the corners of each box. Then place them around the yard in the design you planned.

Before you can fill them with dirt you need to brace the sides because they can bow out and eventually break apart from the weight of the dirt. You can use either metal stakes or treated wooden stakes and pound them in to ground at least 12” right up against the side of the box. Make sure you evenly space them so everything looks neat and tidy.

Now you are ready to fill it with beautiful black garden soil. I got mine delivered in those giant yellow bags from Bos Sod in Coaldale because they already have a garden soil mix that is perfect. My parents came over to help me and brought my Grandpa’s old shovel to use since I didn’t have a long handle spade shovel. They tied a ribbon on it before they gave it to me as if it was some sort of a gift. It was really cute! And I love my new shovel.

Get the dirt all filled in then level it and you are ready to get planting! The great thing about a raised garden bed is because everything is above ground it allows the sun to warm the roots which promote faster growing. They also prevent against pathway weeds with makes life easier on you and the plants trying to grow. They provide excellent drainage and prevent soil compaction

Check out Part Two if you want to learn how to build a fence around your garden to protect it from critters and kids!



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