DIY Table Top Fire

Not everyone has the luxury of having a fire pit in their backyard to enjoy a little flame and fire while hanging out. But everyone can enjoy a little table top fire bowl! Whether you live in a condo and only have a small deck with a table and chairs, or you have a huge yard with a massive patio set and need a little extra ambiance on your patio table, this project fits any bill! Supplies and effort for this project are the absolute minimal. And, it's kid friendly because the flame is small and contained so they aren’t tempted to throw things on the fire and put parents into an anxiety attack like when they're around a real bon fire. Talking from experience here, can you tell? But this great little project can set the mood in any backyard setting.


  • Large shallow metal or clay dish
  • Fire glass or stone
  • Gel fuel
  • Small glass cup

I have a ton of these glass cups laying around the house left over from old candles. You know where the candle burns up but you can’t seem to throw away the glass container because you feel like it’s still perfectly good but you are so tired of using them for tea lights over and over. Well, here’s a new purpose:

First, fill the container with gel fuel

Place it in the center of you dish.

Fill in around your container with the glass rock.

Set it on your patio table and wait until it gets dark and light that puppy up!

Enjoy the look of that flame setting a glow on your patio table while you sit outside on a warm summer evening. It’s beautiful and simple how can you go wrong?

Cami TannerComment