Gold Leafing-Still A Girl's Bestfriend


Metallic pieces are super in right now and honestly a little pop of gold in a room can take everything to a whole other level. Accenting with gold or copper is one of my favourite ways to dress up an ordinary object and make it extraordinary. It’s super easy to do and completely inexpensive, you are going to be finding things to add a little shimmer on in every room! I suggest shopping for your supplies online because you truly will get the best bang for your buck and, try to purchase the synthetic gold leaf…don’t go for the real stuff. It looks and works the same but a whole lot cheaper!

First, pick an item you want to transform. With a paintbrush (mine are 100% from the dollar store), add a coat of gold leaf adhesive to the areas you want to apply. It goes on milky but as is dries it becomes more translucent, that’s when its ready for the leaf.


The gold leaf is VERY delicate and make sure your hands are dry before working with it. If there is any moisture on your hands, it’s just going to stick and fold over on itself. All I’m sayin’ is don’t lotion your hands before you start. Lay a leaf on the adhesive and with another DRY paintbrush, gently brush over it like you are painting it on.

If it cracks and separates that’s okay! Actually, I think it makes the final outcome look more dramatic and beautiful like it something old and antiqued. If you have spots where the large leaf didn’t quite cover the adhesive area just patch it in. It truly is really easy to work with and very forgiving.

When it’s all on and covered, take your brush over the surface once more…just to remove any excess and you’re done. Go find the perfect spot for your new creation and hello gorgeous! (Barbra Streisand sounding voice added here!)

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