Cabinet Door Turned White Board

Life can get pretty chaotic sometimes with work, kids, housework, activities, errands, and who knows what ever else. Staying organized is so important and if you are anything like me (forgetful, overwhelmed, and totally UNorganized) your way of staying on top of what needs to get done consists of Post-It notes and several notebooks filled with to-do and to-get lists. SO not cutting it anymore!! I desperately needed a singular way of writing down what I needed and for everyone else to see what needs to get done and contribute to the list. I needed a white board…but they are so plain and ugly! There had to be something better and luckily there was; or, I should say, is. There IS something better.
Glass is a perfect surface to handle dry erase markers and glass framed in on old cabinet door is the perfect décor platform. Not only can it be functional, but it’s going to be beautiful too and, with a little imagination and creativity, it’s going to be something that can hang on the wall and not be an eyesore!



Using a table saw, cut a piece of hard board to fit the inside frame of the cabinet door. The reason I say a table saw is optional is because if you buy the hard board at Lowe’s or Home Depot, there are some very nice people there who will cut it to size for you on their saw in the store. Isn’t that nice and convenient? Prime the board and the cabinet door frame (don’t forget to take the knob off) with primer and let dry.


Then you can paint the board in whatever colour you choose. Just make sure it’s not too dark of a colour so when you write on the glass you can be able to tell what it says without any clashing of colour.

Paint the frame, also with whatever colour of your choice. I like to make a theme out of the white board so choose colours on both that will create a statement piece rather than a bland old board. This is meant to be a beautiful décor piece that hangs on the wall of your home. Might as well make it look unique and special, right?


I had a very wide piece of lace that I had trimmed off an old shirt and thought it would make a perfect embellishment within the board. So, I placed it as a top and bottom border on the backside of the cabinet door.
*Make sure you clean the glass well on the inside before placing the lace and hard board down.
Place the hard board into the frame with the painted side in (not that I need to tell you that; but,
mistakes do happen sometimes).


Glue the hard board back on by adding a bead of hot glue along the edges of the board and the cabinet. You can also use silicone but most of us have a hot glue gun lying around so it’s easier to come by.
Nail on a picture frame hook to the back and flip the frame over to the right side.
Put the knob back into place or choose a new one that has a little more character and you’ve got this DIY white board in the bag!


We love to use this in our home for chore lists on the weekends and during the week for grocery items that pop into our heads. It’s a great and beautiful way to stay organized in a multitude of ways. I promise your days and weeks will be much easier to visualize with this new beauty!

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