Find Your Hidden Beauty With Cupboard Lining

Supply List:

  • Mactac shelf lining
  • Straight edge
  • Cutting mat
  • Measuring tape

I love surprises and this little project gives you a surprise every time you open your cupboard doors. Why just decorate the visible areas of your home when you can have just as much fun decorating those places that aren’t visible all the time? Mactac or cupboard lining comes in so many fun patterns and colors it’s hard to resist not using it and making every inch of your kitchen or bathroom beautiful. And, because it’s just a peel and stick process, you can install it super easy and switch it up every now and then with new patterns and colors to keep it fresh and fun.

First step is cleaning and wiping down your inside cupboards and shelves so the Mactac will stick properly.

Measure out the length you need to cover the back and the shelf in one piece. Sometimes I like to use a sewing measuring tape to measure areas like this because it’s flexible when I’m working with corners.

Then, on a cutting surface and using a straight edge, cut your material out.

To apply, start at the top lining it with the edge and gradually work your way downwards. You can use the edge of a credit card to help you rub it down.

If you need to use two pieces to cover the width of your shelf, make sure you line up your pattern so it matches before you cut.

Continue to match and cut until your shelves are complete. Then fill it with cute containers for all the items you keep inside. And you know you are going to have a smile on your face every time you open that cupboard door from this simple décor project and that element of surprise that is your new, beautiful inside cupboards!

Cami TannerComment