Upgrading Your Kitchen By Painting Tile

I have been in the process of some cosmetic upgrades in my kitchen. I painted all my cabinets (before I started this blog) and now my tile backsplash doesn’t match the colour scheme I picked out for my kitchen. I haven’t ventured out to learn how to retile yet, nor do I have the time to go through the demolition and reinstallation of new tile (or expense). So, I decided I’ll just paint it! It looks like an easy enough process from everything I looked up, I just needed to go for it. The first thing you need start with is cleaning the tiles really well. Like, really well. Use a good degreaser to spray everything down then give it a wipe down with a clean cloth. Remove all your light switch and outlet covers before painting and mask with painters’ tape everywhere you don’t want paint to go.

Because the grout is really porous (absorbent) you have to prime it first before you can paint it or else it will just soak up the paint. Use a paintbrush and paint over every groove of grout and allow the proper time to dry before painting the rest of the tiles.


I decided to paint my tiles a high gloss paint using a high grade cabinet paint. Totally worth the money because of the finish you get and the minimal amount of work to apply it. Using your paint brush again, cut into the corners and edges of your tile. Then we are going to use a roller with our paint and fill in everywhere else. Go ahead and get that roller nice and saturated so it can press into all the grooves and imperfections of the tile.


Let the tile dry, remove the painters’ tape, and put your switch covers back on…. Ta-da! Brand new tile!

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