Day 4 - Cami Tanner's 12 Days of DIY Christmas Gifts

I’m lucky enough to have a real fireplace in my home. Now, I’m not talking about flipping the switch on and a real fire comes bursting to life; no, I mean put logs in and light them on fire keeping them stoked and burning while you listen to the popping and crackling of the wood while the air fills with the slightest aroma of smokiness. Just enough to make you feel warm and safe inside. Yeah, it’s pretty darn awesome and these pine cone fire starters help to kickstart that roaring fire. Even if you don’t have a fireplace like this inside you can hang onto them for bon fires in the summer, use them as pretty décor pieces or just light them like a candle (just be sure to put it on a plate or glass dish first!).


  • Coloured candles
  • Candle wick
  • Pinecones
  • Oil fragrance


I was originally going to go the route of buying plain candle wax and colour it with dye blocks but realized it was cheaper and easier to melt down pre-made candles since they were already colored and could get them relatively inexpensively. Just be sure you get unscented ones if you are going to add fragrance yourself.


In a double boiler, melt the candles down.


Meanwhile, cut the candle wick into 12” pieces. Fold it in half and tie a loop in the end.


Wrap the wick around the pinecone keeping the loop on the top and tucking the ends into the cone.


Once the wax is melted and at a temperature of 130 degrees, you can add the fragrance. Roll the pinecones around in the wax getting it coated really well.


Place the pinecones on a silicone mat or sheet of wax paper to set.

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