Steampunk lamp


If you have never used black plumbing pipe for building in your décor and projects it’s going to be your new best friend! It’s cheap, it’s easy to use, it’s versatile, and so darn cool. Combine it with wood elements and you have industrial chic, use it on its own and you have steampunk design, paint it gold or in light colors and it can be completely feminine. Honestly, you won’t be able to stop using this stuff! I was walking through the hardware store in the, you guessed it, plumbing pipe section and was just staring at all the pipes trying to come up with some inspiration. I new I wanted to do another project using black pipe but needed an idea. Then it hit me – a lamp. Remember the old movie Run Away Bride with Julia Roberts? In the movie, she had this talent of making really cool lamps out of hardware supplies. That image had always stuck with me in the back of my mind for years and I knew someday I had always wanted to make a lamp as cool as she had made. Well, today became that day as I looked at all the different fittings and conjured up a design for such a lamp.

Supplies: (Everything in ¾” fittings)

  • (4) Tee’s
  • (3) 2” Nipple
  • (2) 90 degrees
  • (1) Union
  • (1) 4” Nipple
  • (2) 10” Nipple
  • (4) Street elbow
  • Toggle
  • Light cord
  • Wire lamp shade
  • Black spray paint
  • Wire cutters and strippers
  • Electrical tape

Before assembling anything, spray paint all the fitting with the black spray paint and let it dry really well.


Start with a simple layout of the fittings to make the shape of the lamp. The body and the base can be assembled separately as the cord will not be strung through the base.


Cut the plug from the cord, not cutting it too short. You want to keep ample cord attached to it because you are going to be adding a toggle switch later. Cutting the plug off is also necessary to feed the cord through the fittings. Make a mark on the cords to remember how they were attached before they were cut. This will help when wiring the toggle switch and not getting the wires mixed up.


Feed the cut end through each fitting separately then screw each piece to the last one as it is added on. The cord will come out of the third hole on the last tee attached.


To connect the toggle, remove its cover and strip a section of cord off the cables. Screw two ends of the same wire under the screws inside the toggle. The other two ends will get connected and wrapped with electrical wire.


Put the cover back onto the toggle switch.

Add the wire shade to the lamp base and, to add an unique element, use a decorative filament bulb.


This lamp will look so amazing in a man cave or on top of an office desk. It adds a masculine touch to a feminine room and gives that steampunk essence! Loooove it!

Cami TannerComment