Alcohol Ink With Stephanie

I had such a fun opportunity this week to visit with Stephanie who is a local artist that works with alcohol ink. I have done a previous post on painting with alcohol ink showing you how you can use it and different ways of applying it to a surface; but, what I loved about painting with Stephanie is she shows how she uses the ink to express an emotion or convey a feeling through her paintings. Each one is different and unique and whatever she is feeling that day before painting can literally be felt through her finished product. We both did a painting and you can see just how very different we are! I thought it would be fun to share this with you if you have tried your hand at painting with alcohol ink and have felt a desire to go a little further with it. Or, maybe now you will want to try it for the first time! Painting through an artist’s eyes:

“In order to be effective, an artist needs to create work based on an emotion. This allows the work to tell a story and help others relate to it! The way that I paint - my technique reflects just that. 
I struggle most with relaxing, letting go, over thinking and perfectionism. Therefore, when I started painting I knew my work needed to show a sense of relief or breathing! A sense of calmness and relaxation. I’m really painting what I think happiness looks like, because when I’m relaxed, I’m happy! That’s what I’m giving to my clients! 
To produce this feeling in my work, I use a lot of clear mixative to push the ink around! I need it to move and flow - push, pull and pool like a wave of water from the ocean! It needs to look like it is breathing. The sound of water and the feel of a warm breeze has always made me feel relaxed, so that is what I’m trying to accomplish in the finished design! My signature colours are blues, greens and teals, representing calmness (with a pretty pop of gold).
The ink flows and moves with a mind of its own sometimes - This allows me to work on letting go and reminds me that life is not perfect. It’s a great lesson - to just roll with things! I usually start my painting with a shape in mind, but as the minutes roll, it is very intuitive. I make decisions on the fly, based on how the ink is pooling and drying.  
I must admit, as an artist I am not interested in technique as much as I am in the way an image feels and looks. You can be the greatest painter in the world; but, if your work doesn’t portray an emotion or catch peoples’ attention, then it’s just a piece of paper. 
Trying different methods and techniques is a great way to allow your emotions out. Staying committed to the process is important because it is the way we learn the most about ourselves.”

—     Steph

Cami TannerComment