T-Shirt Tote Bag

Tote bags are so very handy to have, not only are they very practical for “toting” things around but they can be a fun accessory to have thrown over your shoulder. I have a tonne of them at my house and believe me, I can never have enough. They get used as grocery bags, carry on bags at the airport, extra carrying bags for school, sleepover bags for the kids, delivery bags to family and friends, when I have to return items, swim bags, piano lesson bags, gym bags, you name it we use them for it! Now, you know why I have so many! And many, many, many times they get lost or forgotten (I’m pointing the finger to my kids here!) So, I have to keep a stock pile of them on hand. Great thing is, you can totally make your own out of old t-shirts, ‘cause I know you have a few of those lying around too! There are t-shirt bag DIY’s out there already but most of them require a lot of fringe and knot tying, which I’m just not into and why stop at just the t-shirt when you can have so much more fun and express so much more creativity out of your DIY? My bags are sewn with a little extra bling added for some fun personality! See? You’re excited and smiling already just thinking up ideas for your own, aren’t you?



Begin by laying your t-shirt onto a work surface to flatten out, make sure it is even on the seams and material in preparation for cutting. T-shirt material is a great fabric to cut and leave a raw edge because it will not fray leaving minimal sewing to be done.


Follow along the seams of the arms, neck, and hem with your scissors to cut them off. You may need to cut the hem off from the back with the front facing downward because the front may scoop lower than the back.

Turn the shirt inside out and fold in half lengthwise, again, making sure it is flat and smooth.


Using a marking pen, draw a curve on the corner of the shirt and cut it off. You don’t want it to be too rounded or else it can look bulgy when you turn it right side out again. I had to slender it down a second time because I didn’t get it right the first time. I make mistakes too!!


On the sewing machine, sew around the bottom edge of the shirt using a ½” seam and a small straight stitch. This will close the bottom or the shirt and create the bag.


To add just a bit of fun to this bag, I finish it off with an old necklace I was going to throw out. I placed it on the front of the bag where I wanted it to go then hand stitched it in place with a needle and thread.


The necklace strands are placed into position up to the bag handles, trimming off the extra with wire cutters and hand stitching at the top seam that used to be the shoulder seam. Ta-da! You have a one of a kind tote bag to use and re-use! <3


Awe!! So cute! Ready to get totin’ and carrying all my goodies around town in style.

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