From Pizza Plate to Wall Decor

Funny how sometimes the most random things can spark an idea or bring inspiration. This week
happened to bring on such an idea as I was walking through the dollar store with my daughter getting, who knows what it was anymore. I happened to pass by the section that has all the cooking utensils and such, I looked down and noticed these big flat metal pizza baking sheets when I instantly thought, those would make really cool oversized painted wall décor. Right?! Are you with me here? Yeah, it totally sounds strange, but in the moment, I went with it. I mean, they cost $3 each so really, what did I have to lose here trying it out? Exactly. But; I had total faith in myself and knew they were going to look super cool when I was finished and add as some fun art pieces in my home. Décor? Cheap? Fun? Yes please! Knowing I wanted to stay pretty simple in my design with them but also to create a big statement, I chose a black and white theme with a splash of gold for dramatic effect. But that’s just my style. You could go super crazy with these and add bright beautiful colours.




Begin with painting them a base colour.


Create a design using making tape over the plate when the base colour has fully dried. Make sure to rub all the edges of the tape down really well to prevent any bleeding when the colour paint goes on.


Paint on the design keeping in line with the masking tape.

I like to pull the tape off when the paint is still wet because the longer the tape sits on the stickier it gets.

As a finish, I hand painted the rim of the plate with gold using a brush. I just think it made it look so much more beautiful.


I hung the plates using some of those sticky tabs so it could lay flat against the wall.
A super quick and easy project that can add a lot of “pizzazz” to the existing décor in your home. This is a great project for shoestring budgets looking for ways to decorate a space. And, the best thing about this décor project is these plates are a great addition for some outdoor décor because they’re metal and won’t break. Just make sure you give the paint a clear finish over the top so the weather won’t ruin the paint. Now go grab some dollar store pizza pans and go have some fun!!

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