Coffee Filter Flowers


I am amazed over the fact that you can turn a simple, plain old coffee filter into a beautiful, realistic looking flower. I had to give it a whirl to see either how simple or difficult they are to make; and, like everything else I do, I tend to go overboard with a project. I could have made only a couple of them but instead I had to cover my kitchen table, my desk, my coffee table, living room, and my floor with drying coffee filters rolled up flowers in all different shades of colours. Seriously, you would think I was decorating for a wedding or something! I just had it in my mind that I wanted to do something fun with if I was going to take the plunge and attempt to make them; and make them I did! Turns out they are very simple to create which is surprising because of the unbelievable way they turn out. Seriously fabulous! I went with a couple different flower blooms for now. But eventually I know I’m going to tackle some more!


Have fun dying the coffee filters and get creative. Not only can you make different shades of a colour by diluting and concentrating food colour but use different techniques as well. Dip the edges or just the centres, add a two tone or multi tone effect to the filters. Anything that will create a beautiful and realistic looking flower.


Paper Peony


This flower will use ten coffee filters to make and I like to mix and match various shades of pink dyed filters layered together to create the flower.


With each filter, fold it in half, then again, and again, and once more ending up with four folds. Using scissors, cut a curve to the top making the shape of an ice cream cone.

Spread the filter back out which will now have a beautiful scalloped edge and stack all the filters


Take a piece of floral wire and insert the two ends through the centres of the coffee filters; twist the ends together on the back side.


Starting with the top layer and moving down one by one, scrunch the filter up with the top layer getting scrunched the most and the last layer only slightly. This will give the shape of the peony bloom.


For one final step, brush through the layers with yellow coloured water keeping the dye filled brush focused on the centre of the petals and bloom.


A large beautiful, realistic peony bloom that is simple and easy to make.


This rosette uses two coffee filters to make.


Cut both filter, using scissors, from the edge to the centre of the filters.


Begin with one filter. Roll the edge of the cut and give the base of the roll a scrunch. Continue rolling the filter until it reaches the opposite end. Keeping the roll as loose as possible will give the best results for making a rosette. Tape the end with a small piece of tape. Lay the first roll onto the second filter, secure the end with a small piece of tape, and continue rolling
around to expend the bloom of the flower. Once the end is reached again, secure with a piece of tape.


I threw some yellow dyed water into a spray bottle and gave each one a spritz for a hint of yellow on each bloom which I thought looked beautiful.


This is a very simple and basic rosette to make. I realize there are other more realistic roses you can make out of coffee filters but the result I wanted to show of what you can do with simplistic is anything but! And believe me, when you need to make a tonne of these for a mural you only want simple. LOVE!

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