Spiffy Spring Time Wreath

It has been a very, very, very long winter and everybody is craving some tinsy bit of spring where ever they can find it. Ask and you shall receive! My spring time wreath is going to hang on the outside of your door to say, ”OK, that’s it, I’ve had enough. I’m speeding this along here and getting my spring time on whether Mother Nature wants to get in on the action or not!”. Pale pink large blooming roses, Tiny rosettes and buds, lots and lots of greenery, oh ya, I’m feeling it! This is not an overpowering wreath, it’s very simple without any of the mumbo jumbo that clutter up other wreaths. But that’s what makes it beautiful. Less is more, didn’t your grandma ever teach you that? So welcome in the spring time and spruce up you front door to lets your neighbors see you have a little spring fever!


  • 18” grapevine wreath
  • 4 seeded eucalyptus branches
  • 2 silvery green or lambs ear branches
  • 2 large blooming roses
  • 3 small roses
  • 3 tropical branches
  • Floral wire
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire cutters

The greenery on this wreath is the main focal point with the roses being accents so it’s not just about plunking some green stems on the wreath. Obviously, you don’t have to use the exact same stems as me, but you can get your own idea of what you want to use from what I did.


Layering light and dark stems together will create depth and fullness to the wreath. So, begin with a eucalyptus stem and attach it by wrapping it with floral wire securing it in the back. 


Then, add the lighter stem on top of the first, but placed approximately 1/3 the way down on the first stem. Secure with wire.


One more eucalyptus gets placed on top of the other 2, again, placed 1/3 down the second stem and secure with wire.

As you are using the wire, try wrapping it under the leaves so it stays hidden as much as possible.


Now, repeat the stem pattern on the other side of the wreath to create a swag. Intertwine the end stems of the opposing branches into each other as much as possible to create a continuous flow of greenery on the wreath. If you can still see the stem ends a little that’s ok. The flowers will hide the rest.


I like to place the larger bloom flowers on the ends of the swag rather than the center like most people do. That’s just me mixing things up!

Cut the bloom stem so you still have about 3-4 inches of stem in length. Then, give it a bend at the base of the bloom and tuck the stem into the branches on the wreath. I like to try and also get it under the floral wire that’s already in place holding the greenery. But if you can’t manage to get it under then secure it with its own wire. Once in place, you can add a dab of hot glue to the base of the bloom and hold it in place until the glue sets.

The large blooms are on each end now the smaller roses can be placed around for balance. I use 2 in the center to cover the intertwining branches and one over top a large bloom. You can defiantly use more flowers than I did but again, I only wanted the flowers to be the accents.

 The finishing touch is to add a few tropical stems. It might seem out of character for the rest of the stems and flowers used but it totally works. I hot glued one on each end and one in the center alternating between inner and outer wreath. I promise you there is a third one there it just got tucked behind a rose when I photographed it in case you were counting!


Such a lovely wreath to hang on the front door to welcome spring time. The pale pink flowers are my absolute favorite, not too overpowering, but just enough to highlight the beautiful greenery underneath. That’s what I love most about this wreath, there isn’t so much going on to overwhelm you but at the same time you can’t stop staring at it. Hello Spring!

Cami TannerComment