Steak Grilling - The Right Way

Growing up eating steak, for me, was one of those things I just had no idea what I was missing out on with how good a steak truly could be. We only ate it one way in my house and that was well done. Sorry, VERY well done. It was kind of like eating a hamburger, if you cut into it and saw any kind of pink it went back on the grill until it was completely brown. And then you would slather it in steak sauce, chew, chew, chew and done. As I got much older, I would go out for dinner with friends to a steak house, we would order, of course I would request mine to be cooked well done, and my friends would look at me like, what the heck are you doing?? They began teaching me the beauty in a perfectly cooked steak, that it wasn’t just about eating a hunk of meat but an experience that was truly to be enjoyed. When all the steaks came out they would share a piece of their medium cooked steaks, so I could see what they were talking about. It was a little scary eating this pink colored steak when I had only known you don’t eat pink meat. Then I took a bite and OMG!! It was like butta! I didn’t believe them when they said it would melt in your mouth, but it totally did, that was the best thing I had every eaten. How could I ever go back to eating a dry, well done steak? The only problem now was I had just had a bite of heaven, but I still had my steak sitting on my plate. That was the last steak I ever ate well done. And, also learned, a well seasoned steak cooked just right shouldn’t need steak sauce with it because it is beautiful just the way it is. And all that really should take is a good amount of quality salt and pepper. But how do you cook a steak perfectly on the grill at home yourself? That alone took some practice, but I finally perfected it and it comes out perfect every time!


  • Grilling steaks about 1 ¼” – 1 ½” in thickness
  • Avocado oil or canola oil
  • Salt and pepper


Take the steaks out of the fridge and let them sit for about 30 minutes before grilling.

Heat up the BBQ and get it really, really hot.


Lay the steaks out and coat both sides with oil. I like to use avocado oil because it has a very high smoke point but if you don’t have any canola oil works fine.


Then generously season both sides with salt and pepper. Use a good quality salt like pink salt, sea salt or even a kosher salt works too. I just love the flavor better than plain old table salt.


When the grill is good and hot, and it feels like it’s about to melt your eyebrows off if you get too close, throw the steaks on. Seriously, the grill needs to be hot!


Here’s the trick now to getting a perfect steak, you want a golden brown and slightly charred exterior but a pink and juice inside. The grill had to be hot to get the beautiful color without cooking the inside too much, so we pump up the heat in the beginning then turn it down to low to cook to however you like a steak done.

Put the steaks on the hot grill for 3-4 minutes on the one side.

Then turn the steaks over and cook for another 3-4 minutes on the other side.

If you are going for a medium rare then the steaks should be cooked at this point, if not, then turn the grill dial down to medium position and continue cooking 5-7 minutes for medium and 8-10 for medium well. And remember, the steaks will continue to cook a few degrees after its removed from the grill.

Ultimately, you should use a thermometer for steaks to really make sure you are cooking the steaks to the desired taste if you are striving for perfection. 130 F – rare, 135 F – medium rare, 145 F – medium, 150 F – medium well.

Never cut into a steak with a knife while its cooking to see how done it is. The steak will release all its juices through the cut and you will be left with a very dry and disappointing steak.

Remove the steaks and let sit on a plate or cutting board for 5 minutes before eating.


You are now a steak grilling master. No more questioning, no more dryness, no more steak sauce, and no more well done! Just a simple, beautiful, delicious and juicy steak. Happy grilling!

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