Charcoal Soap for the Soul

So, I’m going with a different take on soap from my homemade soap post. It’s great to know the basics of something but have the versatility to play around with it and change it up when you want to, which is exactly what I did with this recipe. I’ve known about the benefits of activated charcoal for a while now and all the different ways you can use it. Honestly, I’ve only ever used it in my garden, which makes an awesome fertilizer for plants by the way but thought I would dive into using it for beauty products. What better way than to make soap with activated charcoal in it?! Aside from all it’s multi-faceted benefits for everything, here’s why it’s good for your skin:

  • It pulls out unwanted oils from your skin leaving it smooth without drying out the skin
  • It’s a deep cleanser and detoxifying, leaving your pores happy and healthy
  • It helps treat acne and is a gentle exfoliator leaving skin looking vibrant
  • It will sooth and heal bites, skin irritations, and cuts
  • Because it’s natural, it doesn’t add heavy chemicals to your skin making it favourable for a natural lifestyle



To make the soap base, refer to my post homemade soap for instructions.


Once you are at the point where your fat base and alkaline are the right temperatures, mix them together with an emulsifying blender just until they have gotten to trace. (To test for trace, dip a spatula or spoon into the mix and dribble a bit of it back into the pot. If it leaves a little "trace" behind, you're there. The soap does not have to be really thick just yet, it just needs to be well mixed with no streaks of remaining oil.)

Add fragrance and charcoal. The charcoal is a very fine and delicate powder, so you will want to give it a little bit of a stir first before turning the blender back on. Otherwise, you are going to get an explosion of black powder up in your face!


Give it a quick blend then pour it into the soap mold or molds to set. Make sure you tap the mold and give them a few whacks onto the countertop to release any trapped pockets of air. You can see in my pictures I didn’t quite do it enough but I’m only using it for home use so I’m okay with it.


You don’t have to use the barbershop scent for this soap I only did because I liked the black color and wanted to turn it into a manly soap; guys don’t always like using lavender and roses but they still like to feel good about themselves. Feel free to use whatever fragrance you want!


I love the black soap I think it’s totally cool and different, PLUS, the health benefits are fantastic!


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